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<p class="font_8">Raleigh, NC- Top Flight Elite opened up there fall season on Saturday, at the Kings Dominion Fall Classic in Raleigh, North Carolina. The day started with the 10th grade team taking on Team Carolina Hamilton in a 9:45 am game. The Top Flight Elite 10th grade squad held they own throught the first game of the season, keeping the game close but Team Carolina Hamilton eventually pulled away from costly errors and early season woes.&nbsp;</p>
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<p class="font_8">The 11th grade team started the day off having to face the same team that the 10th grade team faced a couple hours earlier. The 11th grade team started the game out strong jumping to a 13-5 lead off of some strong defense, which lead to some early baskets. Team Carolina Hamilton hung close throught the game and fault back from a 14 point deficit and close the game out on a 6-0 run to prevail and had the TFE-Raleigh team it's first loss of then young season.&nbsp;</p>
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<p class="font_8">The young 10th grade team look to bounce back after the earlier lost to Team Carolina by facing a another Team Carolina Team. The game started off with Team Carolina Eason jumping out to a early lead against Top Flight Elite - Raliegh 10th grade. A Timeout that lead to a change in attitude, aggression , and play led to a back and forth battle to have TFE prevail in their first win of the year.&nbsp;</p>
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<p class="font_8">Top Flight Elite Raleigh 11th Grade team played a young Kings of Clayton for it's second game. TFE-Raleigh jumped out quickly and led the whole game. Kings of Clayton cut the deficit late in the second which called a timeout from Coach Keaton. Top Flight responded with a run of it's on. Top Flight Elite closed the game out to set them up for a battle of 1 and 1 teams facing off against each other.&nbsp;</p>
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