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Girls Volleyball Program

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Fair Tryout Pledge

In the spirit of fair play and collaboration with other like-minded clubs in the Carolina Region, we
pledge to conduct open and fair tryouts that enable every athlete the opportunity to earn any spot on
any team in our club. Stated another way, this means no players are offered spots in our club before
our formal tryouts officially begin. Additionally, we pledge to honor the Carolina Region Athlete and
Club Bill of Rights and will not subject any athlete or family to coercive, manipulative, or other
pressure tactics to secure a commitment. We pledge to honor the Carolina Region Junior Tryout and
Commitment Date Policy, which states that tryouts for Girls’ youth and junior athletes for the next
USAV season may take place any time after the completion of the prior season’s USAV Junior
National Championships. We pledge to honor the Carolina Region commitment policy which states
that the only approved method for selecting a USAV club will be on the current season’s Carolina
Region Letter of Commitment form.

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